Beating the Heat... Our Great Escape!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in Denver caught me by surprise this year. A month that is normally comprised of warm (not hot) days and perfectly crisp evenings, featured the highest temperatures in the city's history, five consecutive days in which the temperatures soared to over 100, evenings that did not involve a cool down, and an unusual infestation of mosquitos (in our backyard, at least.)  When this unusual heat wave coincided with an annual visit from one of our favorite little friends, fun plans had to be reevaluated. (There is nothing fun about spending a day at an amusement park in 100 degree heat.)
Luckily, Lilly was visiting for two weeks, and the first week of her visit offered moderately pleasant temperatures, and allowed for several days of fun, outdoor activities.
My three girls having some backyard fun.
Turned on the backyard sprinkler 
for a late afternoon cool-down.
Post-sprinkler relaxation.
In addition to water fun in our own backyard, we also spent a 
couple afternoons at the pool.
During the first weekend of Lilly's visit, we enjoyed a cool evening 
with a backyard bonfire where we roasted marshmallows and told spooky stories.
(Murphy Girl was in bed and missed out on the fun.)
Father's Day Eve.
Murphy was fascinated by Lilly's braces on her teeth and her toes.
I would often spot this scene in the review mirror.
Following a yummy breakfast at Syrup
we spent a lovely morning at Observatory Park.
Carter was so happy to have a partner for her tree climbing expedition.
Lilly's visit also coincided with my 20 week ultrasound, and we all took a field trip to see glimpses of our new little love. I loved sharing this day with all my best girls (and, of course, my baby daddy.)
Carter, waiting for the ultrasound to begin;
Big Bird, sequestered, because, per Carter's diagnosis,
 he had a bad habit and may have been contagious.
It wasn't long before we were introduced to this sweet face.
(But did not preview any private parts!)
After the ultrasound, we had a yummy lunch at HBurger.
Carter was happy to provide the entertainment 
(yes, she's dancing on a table. yes, that's a pole.)
while we enjoyed a post-lunch treat in Cherry Creek.
We were all impressed with Lilly's duck tape crafting skills.
Here's Carter THRILLED with the purse Lilly made for her.
The big girls enjoyed a trip to the zoo with Nanny 
while I took Murphy to a doctor's appointment.
Lilly is such a lover of life! 
Her enthusiasm is contagious.
When the second weekend of Lilly's visit came around, we decided to take the bonfire up a notch and put up the tent for a camp out. The high temperature on that Saturday was 104, and, though we waited for things to 'cool off' before starting the fire, it was still pretty darn miserable outside. We roasted our hotdogs but had to eat them in the zipped tent to avoid being eaten alive by all the mosquitoes. 
These three had planned to sleep outside,
but when Carter 'freaked out' (her words) and began screaming,
'Get out! Quickly! Quickly' as a mosquito was nibbling on her eyelid,
they retreated to the coolness of the house.
On Sunday morning, we went to Pajama Brunch at Second Home
After breakfast, Carter proved that she has officially become a Colorado Tree Hugger.
This brings us to day nine of Lilly's two week visit, and to the middle of the freakish heat wave. When we got home that Sunday afternoon, I realized that, in addition to all of our run of the mill fun, we'd also been to JumpStreet, two kids' movies, and The Museum of Nature and Science to name a few excursions. After this evaluation and then my looking ahead to the following week, I decided an escape was in order!
The next morning, I tackled a few must-do tasks and packed the suitcases while Lilly made some darling little mini-cupcakes. 
Judging by my poor Pookie's eye and face, 
she definitely needed a break from those mosquitoes!
We loaded up the car and stopped for gas just a mile or so from home, and I saw this:
I knew this escape was a wise decision.
(In case you forgot, I live in Denver. Colorado. And, this is JUNE.)
In wasn't long before, Murphy Girl drifted off to dreamland,
and Carter quickly got settled with her IPad and her 'ear muffs.'
Lilly watched a movie on her IPhone, and Nanny napped. I snacked on Cheeto's Naturals and enjoyed the scenic drive to Breckenridge.
I got us all checked in and the girls hopped 
on our luggage card for a ride up to our fourth floor condo.
The weather was perfect, upper 70's, so we walked into town for an early dinner and then spent the evening at the pool and then relaxing in our room. Tuesday morning everyone slept in, that altitude is the baby whisper, and then we all headed to the Breckenridge Fun Park for a day of Colorado-ish summer fun. 
On the gondola heading up the mountain.
The only picture of me with all three. Blurry. Boo.
Since Murphy is a baby, and I'm carrying a baby, 
she and I kept ourselves entertained while the other gals
participated in some of the more adventurous activities.
Murphy is currently in the midst of a major rock obsession, 
and this spot provided her with her ideal form of entertainment.
Pookie LOVED the pony ride,
and Lilly was happy that they let her ride, too.
When Murphy resigned to the floor and basically demanded that both big girls tickle 
(Tittle! Tittle!) 
her, we decided that it was probably time for her to head back to the condo for a nap.
So stoked to get both a ball and a club in her favorite color,
but bummed when lightening cut our game short.
Waiting out the storm by the Thunder Coaster.
Love this expression when a big thunder boom 
and lightening bolt surprised them.
Lilly at the coaster's end. 
The coaster was SO FUN and even safe for the lady with the bump! I rode it twice with Carter and loved hearing my little thrill seeker shout 'Faster! Faster!' with each twist and turn. Following the afternoon storm, the temperature reading on my phone displayed a cool 66 degrees. 
My lil gymnast's favorite activity of the day. 
Despite barely making the minimum weight she ROCKED it, 
and quickly impressed onlookers with her backflip! 
Following a super fun and exhausting day, we headed back the condo where Nanny had dinner all ready. I was again reminded of the wise decision to leave Denver when I realized that after dinner, we could just leave the dishes for the next day's cleaning crew! After dinner, we headed down to the heated pool for a swim in the crisp mountain air. 
Love this happy girl!
Perfect ending to our girls' getaway!
The Murph is The Murph no matter the setting.
Her frequent lounging makes mastering the backfloat a breeze.
Keeping Warm.
Murphy Girl slept later than all of us on Wednesday morning (till 10 AM!), and we took our time checking out and heading back to the city. I would say, our mountain escape was just what we all needed to beat the Denver heat and enjoy our final few days with Lilly. When we got back to Denver, the sky was overcast and the weather was a tad cooler. Lilly had a couple final requests for her last day in Colorado including trips to her favorite toy store and an awesome candy shop. The evening was pleasant and we were able to enjoy the backyard again. (And, thanks to a tip from Pops, a mixture of vanilla and water finally seemed to keep the mosquitoes off my sweet girl!)
There it is: a synopsis, mostly of the photographic nature, of our Great Escape!


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